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Team Root
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Shaping the future of fandom in showbiz










At Root, we are driven by the belief that culture and art are the essence of every society. Preserving and nurturing this essence through storytelling and creative expressions is paramount.
In today's digital age, where free streaming and subscription-based content consumption have become the standard, the entertainment industry has faced significant challenges.
Our mission is to aid the entertainment industry in overcoming these obstacles and unite fans from across the globe in their support.
Root aims to empower millions of fans to actively engage with and provide support to their favorite creators. We offer a gateway into their creative realms, allowing fans to collect cherished memorabilia and enjoy immersive experiences right from the front row.

The Team

Nitin Shaji

Co-founder & CEO

Vishnu Satis

Co-founder & CTO

Ashik Rahman

Co-founder & COO

Mathew Kurian

Lead - Marketing

Parvathy Kuroor


Vishnu R Kumar

Lead Developer

Sabil Abdullakutty

Director - Sales

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