Open up new revenue streams through authentic collectibles & brand partnerships

July 27, 2023

In today's competitive cinema landscape, establishing additional revenue streams and fostering audience engagement are critical. Root, with its deep understanding of the Indian film market, offers a unique solution to these challenges. Our services include the strategic deployment of authentic collectibles and leveraging robust brand partnerships.

Authentic Collectibles

At Root, we understand that movie-related collectibles serve as more than just merchandise and memorabilia. They are an integral part of the fan experience, facilitating a deeper bond with the movie and driving additional revenue.

We deploy our expertise in performance marketing and research to identify segments of your audience that are inclined to invest in these authentic items. Our approach is data-driven, allowing us to align the offerings with audience preferences accurately.

Moreover, we integrate these collectibles into a broader marketing strategy. From promotional events to fan contests, we develop comprehensive plans that maximize merchandise visibility, thereby optimizing the potential for additional revenue.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships offer an opportunity to amplify your movie's narrative while creating additional promotional and revenue channels. Root's team can identify potential partners whose brand values, target audience, and messaging align with your movie.

Our partnerships range from locally relevant businesses to global brands interested in the rich cinema culture of India. We manage the entire partnership lifecycle, from outreach and negotiation to the integration of the partner into your movie's marketing narrative.

Importantly, we ensure these partnerships resonate with your audience. We weave these collaborations into engagement activities, like contests, providing a unified and impactful narrative that adds value to both your movie and the partnering brand.

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