Will Nelson make a "Mumbai Mathew" movie?

Mathew Kurian
September 8, 2023
Mohanlal gave us an electrifying performance in Jailer. Read on to see what a potential movie about "Mumbai Mathew" could look like.

Mohanlal had revealed his role in "Jailer" would be an interesting one but kept the details under wraps. Nothing could have prepared us for the epic performance of "Mumbai Mathew" in the hit film.

The recent blockbuster "Jailer," starring Rajinikanth, has been the talk of the town, especially with Mohanlal's surprise cameo as Mathew, a gangster. The role has left fans and critics spellbound, leading to an interesting question: What if director Nelson Dilipkumar decided to spin off Mohanlal's character into a standalone film called "Mumbai Mathew"?

When Mohanlal stepped onto the screen as Mathew in "Jailer," he wasn't just another character; he was an enigma waiting to be unraveled. With his charismatic screen presence and a role shrouded in secrecy, Mathew instantly captured the audience's imagination. This begs the question: What if this enigmatic figure were to get his own movie? The potential is not just promising; it's electrifying.

"Mumbai Mathew" could be the underworld saga that Indian cinema has been waiting for. Picture this: Mathew, a seasoned gangster, navigating the labyrinthine underworld of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and never forgives. The film could explore the power dynamics within the criminal syndicates, the cutthroat competition, and the ever-changing alliances. It's a setting ripe for high-stakes drama, intense action sequences, and moral complexities.

Given that Mathew's world would be filled with a variety of characters—rival gangsters, corrupt politicians, and law enforcement officials—a strong ensemble cast could elevate the film to epic proportions. Each supporting character could be a piece of the larger puzzle, contributing to Mathew's journey in a significant way.

He played an enigmatic gangster with some serious pull in the underworld and even ties to the government. His exuberant entrance was further amplified by Anirudh's BGM.

Nelson is the perfect choice for a Mumbai Mathew movie. has already shown his capability to handle complex characters and storylines. His direction in "Jailer" received widespread acclaim and praise.

The idea of a "Mumbai Mathew" film is not just another spin-off; it's an untapped goldmine of storytelling potential. With Mohanlal at the helm and a narrative rich in drama, action, and emotional depth, "Mumbai Mathew" could be the blockbuster that sets a new standard for Indian cinema.

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